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The PRESTIGE OCEANFRONT RESORT  at 6929 West Coast Road 250-642-0805 in Sooke B.C. have many of my all occasion cards and matted prints available.   Some of my work in the form of framed prints can be seen in a number of the rooms in the hotel.  This includes a large framed print of the "Peacock Profile" in the lobby as well as a peacock in "Full Plumage" in the events manager's office also seen from the lobby.  I have a wedding portfolio book in the events manager's office showing some of the weddings I have photographed. 

Some of my images have been printed on all occasion cards by SOOKE FAX & COPY CENTRE and are for sale there. The cards are images of Sooke and Vancouver Island. They also have some of my framed prints. Located in downtown Sooke B.C. their address is #1- 6649 Sooke Road, 250- 642-3231.  You can count on quality and freindly service there.  

Various  types of all occasion cards, framed prints as well as matted prints and  some  samples of photography sessions can be found at   WISKERS AND WAGGS PET STORE,  6703 West Coast Rd, Sooke 250-642-4318.  Knowledgeable and friendly service is the experience you will have here.

HYACK AIR on Victoria's inner harbour offers a wonderful and friendly float plane service as well as a wide selection of all occasion cards and  matted prints from the "The Most in Photography". They are located at 1234 Wharf Street. 250-384-2411 

I have some framed nature prints also for sale at VILLAGE FOOD MARKETS in Sooke.

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